Warehouse Equipment

Smooth, programmable AC power matched with rugged chassis designs and long service intervals make these machines a safe choice to handle diverse internal applications, provide excellent productivity and deliver low total costs of operation.

Each truck features comfortable, well laid-out controls and, on the reach trucks, ‘poweRamic’ clearview masts to aid fast, accurate pallet handling. Both the trucks with fly-by-wire steering and those with tiller arm control have a common family feel, making it easy for operators to work across different truck types.

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Power pallet trucks,
Stacker trucks,
Order picking trucks,
Reach trucks.

Launch of the New Reach Truck

In designing its new NR-N2 reach truck range, Cat® Lift Trucks has focused on increasing profitability by maximising performance, empowering operators and cutting costs. The results can be seen in class-leading residual capacities, innovative ergonomics, high energy efficiency and low maintenance needs.

There are eleven models to choose from, with a capacity range from 1.4 to 2.5 tonnes. They include compact and straddle versions, ideal for use in drive-in racking and small spaces, as well as heavy duty and high performance models for large loads and intensive applications. The many options include modifications for extremely cold or hot environments.

1) The new NR14-25N2 is perfect for work in confined areas.
2) The Cat Reach Truck offers ergonomic on-off access.
3) The new colour display of the NR-N2 range.

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