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Making short work of long loads

Product ranges designed to meet the challenges of long load and rough terrain handling head-on.

Four-way sideloaders

Four-way (or multi-way) sideloaders with capacities up to 15 tonnes are designed to handle long and heavy loads. Particularly effective in confined internal areas and at maximising storage space.

Two-way sideloaders

A complete product line for long loads. Traditional two-way sideloaders with capacities up to 18 tonnes, for long load handling in both internal and external applications.

QC 30 – 40
LQN 40 – 50
LQ 60 – 80

Rough terrain trucks

Ideally suited for offroad and other rough conditions. With lifting capacities up to 6 tonnes, these forklifts combine power and comfort for reliable performance on all grounds.

Lancer Multilift

The Lancer Multilift is a strong yet compact multiway forklift. It moves long material through narrow gates and improves storage capacity by reducing the space needed for moving and storing long loads as well as pallets.

Lift capacity - 3.000 kg
Platform width - 1.200 - 1.400 mm
Lift height - 3.500 - 7.000 mm
Mast options - duplex, full free, triplex
Well width - 1.250 mm
Turning radius - 1.480 mm
Engine - Diesel / LPG
Drive - Hydrostatic / all wheel drive

All Terrain Trucks

The Lancer All Terrain Trucks are designed for extreme applications. Whether it is a classic rough terrain application or an industrial environment, the Lancer All Terrain Trucks deliver outstanding performance.

Lift capacity - 4 - 6 t
Load center - 500 - 600 mm
Lift height - 4.000 - 6.000 mm
Mast options - Duplex, Full-free, Triplex
Engine - Diesel
Transmission - Hydrostatic
Drive - 2WD / 4WD

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