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A clean sweep, inside and out

Hako has a full range of pedestrian and ride-on scrubber dryers and sweepers to match any industrial indoor, or outdoor floor cleaning requirements.

Pedestrian Scrubber Dryers

For rapid, basic or maintenance cleaning of hard floors, providing sweeping, wet scrubbing and dry cleaning in a single pass. Three different working widths, optional pre-sweeper, integrated charger unit and numerous other features keep your floors clean and tidy.

Ride-on Sweepers for outdoor use

Compact vacuum sweeper for heavy duty applications in factories, warehouses or dispatch areas, car-park ramps and other outdoor areas.

Ride-on Sweeper Scrubber Dryers

Intensive wet cleaning and dry vacuuming in one operation. Pre-sweep, water recycling system, cleaning agent dosage system, side scrubbing unit. All while seated comfortably.

Outdoor Sweepers

Robust and powerful compact sweepers with excellent manoeuvrability and all-round visibility. Various combinations of professional sweeper and other implements provide for complete winter service, efficient grounds maintenance and economical municipal use.

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